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April 24, 2022
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May 11, 2022
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Science Exhibition

☢️ 🧠 Science Exhibition 🫀 👨‍🔬

“Science begins with wonder, scientific temperament, and rational thinking”
💡 Science Exhibition day was arranged in the month of February 2022 at Kirdar Academy School System. It was an innovative and experimental day for all the students. Students were inspired, encouraged, and motivated by the teachers and their parents, to prepare and display different models and experiments. Maximum students participated in this activity with great enthusiasm and excitement. 💡 The exhibition remains for the whole day and the parents were also provided an opportunity to view it. The event provided a platform for scientific explorations and innovations for future scientists. 💡 Management of the Kirdar Academy School system is eager to make our students more practical and innovative. For this, we will be arranging such kind of informative events in future too.
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